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"Marta's style of cooking is consultative, seeking only to provide that which we want, just the way we want it! A nicer, friendlier, more beautiful (inside and out), and competent person you will not find."

-Susan Heilbron, client

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"When she enters our home, Marta becomes like one of the family as she seamlessly does the needful to see that all is attended to beautifully.

We have plumbed her many capabilities and have yet to find her lacking."

-Andy Goldman, client

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"Marta has enthusiasm for creating amazing and fulfilling meals. Prepared, organized, and detail-oriented – she also comes with a great attitude. Each meal is meticulously prepared and delicious. We can't thank Marta enough for her dedication to our family - it's reassuring to know that everything is being handled with professionalism."

-Anne-Marie Eddy, client

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